Review: Meatcure, Leicester

One of the more recent independent places to open in Leicester is Meatcure - a trendy burger joint just around the corner from the Highcross shopping centre.

I attended their launch in the summer and enjoyed myself but wasn't sure just how good the food was as I didn't get to try anything other than one small slightly over done burger. To be fair to Meatcure, I blame this more on the Leicester tigers rugby team blocking the waitresses route from kitchen to where I was stood. But that said, it marred my expectations enough to continue choosing the rather fabulous (and also independent) Crafty at St Martins coffee house for my burger hit. I have to say, after this recent visit, my assumptions were wrong, this place is fabulous!

Host for Hope - raising money for pancreatic cancer

The start of this week was a blur. It was none stop cooking, and all because of my involvement in this months Host for Hope campaign which is being run by charity Pancreatic Cancer UK.

 I'm fortunate to have not lost any of my close friends or family to pancreatic cancer but I am fully aware of how devastating cancer as a disease can be, having lost my Grandad to it. When Pancreatic Cancer UK invited me to join in with Host for Hope and organise a food related fundraising event, I immediately said yes.

Warner Edwards Gin Distillery, near Kettering

Sometimes as a food blogger, little treats pop up. My true love is gin so when I was invited to visit the Warner Edwards distillery with the BBC Good Food Show team, I immediately replied with a big fat yes!

I've known and loved their gin for a couple of   years now, having first discovered it at (funnily enough) the BBC Good Food Show. They are relatively local to me too, around 45 mins drive away, in a pretty village somewhere between Northampton and Kettering. 

Review: Kabul Express, Hyson Green, Nottingham

I'd never eaten Afghan food before last week and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect before walking into the Kabul Express in Nottingham's Hyson Green.  From the street, it's a strange looking place with shiny silver walls, bright fairy lights and gaudy fabrics adorning the windows. 

Once inside and past the plastic water feature though, I was surprised to find a fairly hushed feel with private dining booths along one wall and tables along the other. 

Winter is coming...

It's almost time for the BBC Good Food Show at the NEC Birmingham, back this year between 26-29th November. I've been part the BBC GFS Blogger Community for almost three years now and in that time I've met some great brands, tried some delicious new products (which are now firm favourites) and most of all, had a lot of fun.

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