Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Baked Feta

I feel like I've stuffed myself silly over the last few weeks with lots of meals out and endless busy days and nights. I'm leaving the Midlands soon as Dave and I are moving down to Bristol (his home city). As you can imagine, we are manic busy sorting things out. I've take the brave decision to go freelance with my day job too so most of my evenings are now taken up with getting that side of things up and running.

Anyway, all of this makes me need a holiday. Greece would be nice. I've never been to any of the Greek Islands, despite always liking the look of them. I've travelled Europe a lot and been to lots of the typical holiday destinations around Greece but for some reason, as yet, I've not made it there. Kind of good timing then, that luxury travel company Destinology got in touch asking me to create a dish that captures Greece. And that, hopefully, is what I've done.

Travel Bites: Berlin, Germany

My love of Berlin is well documented through various blog posts extolling the virtues of several bar and restaurant gems we discovered on our last trip there. I thought I'd finish on one final post covering some of the best things I think there are to do and see if you visit this glorious city.  

Review: ZAAP Thai Street Food, Nottingham

Walking through Nottingham on a drizzly Sunday night a few weeks ago, we decided to stop somewhere for dinner. Zaap was bright and lively looking and I've wanted to eat there since they opened before Christmas. It was a bright assault on the senses when we walked in out of the cold dark night. The place is busy, colourful and noisy. 

Zap street food nottingham

Pescatarian January - the Final week

That's almost it, a whole month of not eating meat.

Overall, I've enjoyed the month, it's been challenging at times but I'm happy with the experiment. I've definitely eaten a lot more fish than I normally would but I'll be honest, I don't think it's changed my view on meat in the longer term and I will continue to eat it once February rolls around. That said, I'll make sure I cut down on the amount of meat I eat and want to start incorporating at least one vegetarian and one fish based meal into my week to help redress the balance. It's been an interesting experiment though and one I'd be happy to repeat again in the future!

This week is looking extremely busy and it's going to be really hard to stay healthy! Last week we failed at almost every point to stick to the meal plan. Wednesday we ended up running late home and had cheese on toast for dinner and this weekend we ended up going for a curry with friends.


We have a meeting at 7:30pm which makes it difficult to fit a healthy dinner in. I made some vegetable soup last night so we'll eat that with crusty bread before we head out to the meeting. 


We're booked in at The Swan in Mountsorrel for their Bistro night - it's Korean so of course Dave is super excited. I've reviewed them before - read it here.  The menu looks great - what do you think?

Korean night menu


I've got an urge for jacket potatoes - they are a faff because they take so long but sometimes you just can't beat them - I think I'll probably go simple too - just beans and cheese. What is your favorite topping? 


I've got the day off work! Not for any particular reason other than I fancy it. I'm planning to spend the day blogging and cooking! Bliss... Dinner will probably be something in the slow cooker or maybe a lasagna! Here's one I made earlier



Most likely leftovers of whatever I make on Thursday. The other half is away so I'm looking forward to a n early night in front of the TV with my cats and a bottle of wine (Bridget Jones eat your heart out). 


I'm off to the Olive Branch in Clapham with Matt from Great Food Club on Saturday which'll be really lovely and a proper treat. Other than that, I'll be eating healthily and giving my house a big spring clean. I feel a feng shui style clear out coming on!

Picture borrowed from The Olive Branch 

Sunday - I'm having a break from cooking so maybe dinner at my Dad's. I quite fancy a bowl of his awesome curry and bombay potatoes. I'll start dropping hints now!

For the final time this month, I've joined with Mrs M's Meal Planning link up. Go and have a look for more inspiration for your weeks meals. 

What are you eating this week? 
Please share in the comments below. 

Product Review: The Saucy Fish Co

As you may well know if you read my blog frequently, I've decided to eat a pescatarian diet for January. I'm a lucky lady as after reading my first post on the topic, the Saucy Fish Co got in touch and offered to send me some of their products to try as part of my journey.

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