Shop Local with Good Sixty

Good Sixty is something new and rather fabulous in Bristol. It's a website designed to connect local food shops and small producers with customers all over the city. I'd heard about it on social media whilst we were away but didn't know too much about it so not long after we got back from our travels, I met up with Chris Edwards (the mastermind behind Good Sixty) to find out more. I'm a nosy bugger…

Durian... the King of Fruit

Have you heard of Durian?

We hadn't until we went to Malaysia. It's a large fruit (around the size of a rugby ball) which is covered in spikes and native to South East Asia. It's not often seen here in the UK and I suspect that's due to one reason – its smell.

Finzels Reach Street Food Market, Bristol

You know I love my street food and after 7 months away from Bristol, I'm pleased to see that the scene here is as buzzing as ever. In fact, we've just got back from a quick lunch at the brand new Finzels Reach Market which launched today.

Cupboard Essential: Tom Yum Paste

Tom Yum paste has recently become a staple ingredient in my travelling box of foodie bits. I'm sure you all have a jar or two of Pathak's curry paste and Mae Ploy Thai green curry paste in your fridges but do you have Tom Yum paste? You bloody should!

The Spotted Duck, Mountsorrel

When John's House opened in late 2014, my mum's village of Mountsorrel was all of a flutter. A fine dining restaurant up in the Stonehurst farmhouse? How exciting! When it was awarded a Michelin star the following year, things began to change. A Waitrose opened and now, they also have The Spotted DuckThis village is one to watch! 

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