Review: Tuk Tuck, Bristol

We recently discovered Tuk Tuck, a small cafe on our walk into town from home. We'd passed it a few times but it wasn't until I spotted the handwritten chalk board saying Korean style sushi - made daily that we stopped to look.

Lamb Bibimbap at Tuk Tuck

A few days later, I noticed they were on Wriggle so I bought a couple of lunchtime deals for us to have the next day. Offering discount deals at local independents, Wriggle is a great way to try new places without spending a fortune. The menu at Tuk Tuck is a mix of Asian food, mainly Thai and Korean; small but sweet with variations on bibimbap, thai curry and bahn mi sandwiches. There are some sides too - dumplings, kimchi fries and edamame beans.

We both went for bibimbap, me with the more traditional beef option and Dave with the lamb. We were surprised to see lamb because it's hardly eaten in Korea. Flavour wise too, the lamb was cooked with cumin and chilli. Although it wasn't particularly authentic, it was very tasty.

Korean Beef Bibimbap at Tuk Tuck in Bristol

In case you aren't sure, bibimbap is basically a Korean rice dish filled with vegetables and meat. It's  usually served with a fried egg on top and a good dollop of gochujang (chilli sauce). You can also get dolsot bibimbap which is the same thing but served in a very hot stone pot. You stir the ingredients together and the egg scrambles amongst the other ingredients. Demonstrated expertly here by friends of ours at Dave's 30th birthday last year!

We loved Tuk Tuck - friendly staff and fresh, tasty food in a light and breezy cafe environment.  I'm definitely heading back there soon to try those kimchi fries - American/ Bristol fusion - fries loaded up the meat of your choice, chipotle mayo, spring onions and of course, kimchi! Say whaaaaat!!?? 

Tuk Tuck Bristol
Tuk Tuck in Bristol

For those of you on a budget, prices are cheap with mains costing typically around £6.00, making this a great option for mid week lunchtimes or an after-work supper spot. Look out for them on Wriggle and those prices get even cheaper.  Bargain-Tastic

Find Tuk Tuck at: 5 St Stephen's Street, Bristol, BS1 1EE. To see more pics and info on what they do, give them a cheeky like on Facebook

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