Happy 1st Birthday Gingey Bites!


Today marks 1 year since my first Gingey Bites post. It all began with a rude pie followed swiftly by my first restaurant review of a small and not very impressive place in Loughborough.

1 year ago today I was unmarried, we were living in a little flat and I was about to become unemployed. Losing my job hit me hard and starting this blog was a way to fill the time between job hunting. Little did I know that a year on, I'd be blogging more than ever and loving every minute of it!

Today I've got my very own husband, a lovely house and a really great job. To top it all off... I have a cat (I know..cat geek).

Anyway enough self congratulation.

What have I learnt?
  • Food bloggers are warm, passionate and kind people
  • There's a whole online community you'd never know about
  • I am better at cooking than I thought
  • It is possible to eat your own body weight in cheese
  • Having a hobby is rewarding in so many ways.
Most read posts?
Here are my most read posts.  Its a random selection, have a look, let me know what you think! Is there anything you want to see more of?

1) Olive Magazine 7 meals for £35 to the test
2) Make ahead and cut down that Christmas stress!
3) Kings Heath - Brum Yum Yum
4) Salted caramel & choccy swirl cheesecake
5) Olive Magazine Bagel Challenge!

Here's to the next year :-)


  1. Fantastic ! Happy first birthday ;0)

  2. Yay!!... happy first blogaversary... I remember my first and it truly is a brilliant thing... well done!

  3. Happy Birthday Gingey! xx

  4. Happy Birthday - well done, great blog!!


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