Hairy Dieters: Chilli Lemon Tuna and Broccoli Spaghetti

When the Hairy Bikers brought out their 'dieters' cookbook following the TV show I wasn't sure it was really for me. I enjoy their shows and use their pie book all the time.  In fact, my first ever blog post was their Steak and Mushroom Pie. What I wasn't sure about was a diet version of the Hairy Bikers!

Chilli lemon tuna and broccoli spaghetti

Anyway, cut to a couple of months later and more than a couple of my close friends have told me how good it is. So, now I have a copy and I have to admit its really good. In fact, one of my weeknight staples is their Spanish Chicken Traybake. I see that they've just brought out a second book and its well and truly on my Christmas list! You will find this recipe on page 142 in The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight. I struggled to find it online unfortunately so you'll have to go and buy the book!

Recipe step by step in pictures: 

1) Gather your ingredients - the recipe calls for tenderstem brocolli but works just as well with the usual stuff! Just make sure that you cut it up nice and thin so that the stems cook through.

Gather your ingredients together

2) Cleverly, you cook your spaghetti before adding the broccoli for the last few mins. Saving on washing up and energy!

Boiling broccoli in the spaghetti water

3) After pan frying your tuna steaks (I did mine on the griddle pan), remove from the heat and toss your drained spaghetti, broccoli and cherry toms. They mix with the seasoning and tuna juices in the pan adding to the flavour.  Lemon juice and parsley add the finishing touch! I use those frozen tuna steaks from Aldi. They aren't as good as the fresh version but are perfect for end of the month meals when you're on a budget.

Finally serve the tuna steak on top of the spaghetti and serve hot!  This meal is really filling and so fresh tasting. Plus, its pretty quick so its great for a weeknight supper. Plus, being from the dieters book, its only 472 calories per serving!!

Chilli lemon tuna and broccoli spaghetti

Fellow Midlands blogger Jo at Jo's Kitchen has recently started a new blog link up 'Hairy Bikers Bloggers Know Best' - a place for us to share our favourite recipes and so, in honour of its launch, here's my tribute to their Chilli Lemon Tuna and Broccoli Spaghetti.  
Jo's Kitchen


  1. Looks amazing. Thank you for taking part :-)

  2. This is one recipe book that I'd love to own - I may have to add it to my xmas wishlist !

  3. That sounds so delicious, my parents went to see them on one of their tours - sounded so fun!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies! I think this would work well with salmon too :-)

  5. The list of ingredients aren't very clear to what you need and also the picture is blury ???


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