Experience: Tales from a Supper Club

Who knows what a supper club is? I believe they began in New York and are now getting increasingly popular here in the UK, especially (of course) in London. So - in a nutshell - a supper club is a dinner party made up of strangers in someone's home. Think Come Dine with Me with (hopefully) better food, better company and no film crew.

Last weekend Emily and I headed over to Stourbridge to attend one of the newest supper clubs on the block - run by Thai cookery super star Carole the lady behind Brum's no ping no bling

The format:
- 9 guests 
- 1 table 
- Set menu 
- Bring your own booze
- Party ends when the last guest leaves

We weren't really sure what to expect and turned up with a mx of anticipation and nerves. Fortunately we weren't the frist ones there but we needed have worried - soon enough we were chatting away with the other 7 guests. We were an eclectic mix of foodies - from a kitchen designer to streetfood market organiser to local wine tasting expert - and as a result we had plenty to talk about from the off and a fabulous time all round.

To the food... 
What can I say? The best Thai food I've ever eaten - every dish was mind blowing and the food just kept on coming. We didn't know what we'd be eating before we arrived but we'd let Carole know of any allergies etc.. Supperclubs are definitely not for fussy eaters.

Here's what we ate  be warned, the list is long and will make your mouth water! 
        Heavenly Beef - Neua Sawarn - A rump steak canape made using coriander in its three forms - the root is used in the marinate, the dried seeds are used as a coating and then the fresh leaves are used to garnish.

        Chiang Mai Sausage - Si Uah - A spicy sausage showcasing all the tastes of Thailand in one bite including lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal.

        Prawn Pandanus - Hand chopped delicately flavoured prawn and pork wrapped in pandanus leaf parcels and steamed. Served with a hot and sweet chilli dip.

        Chicken Satay and Peanut Sauce 

        Lamb Massaman - A rich classic curry with Persian influence made with Carole's tutor Gobgaew’s handmade paste recipe and freshly made coconut milk.

        Gaeng Hang Lay - An ancient curry which is sharp and sour and laden with the fresh zingy taste of shredded ginger but at the same time is slightly soured by the use of pickled garlic and tamarind.

        Pak Choy -This classic green veg was simply fried with chilli, garlic and preserved yellow bean and finished with a touch of fish sauce.

        Northern Larb - A classic dish, served at room temperature with lots of supporting raw veg is made using a handmade dry curry paste with lots of dried spices some of which can only be sourced in Thailand.

        Muu Parlow Soup -Eaten on the side - this soup was made with pork belly and egg with a deep flavour and a hint of star anise.

        Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice 

        Sticky Rice and Mango - made with fresh coconut milk
        Yes.. we ate all of that! I cannot recommend Carole's Thai supper club enough - at £30 a head, in my mind it was a bargain. I had such a fantastic evening, met some amazing people and ate lots of absolutely amazing food. If you fancy giving it a go, find out more on her website here or if you live further afield, find a supperclub local to you here.


        1. Sounds like a delicious meal! I still haven't made it to a supper club but it's my mission this year to try a few out - they sound like such a great night out with good food and people!

        2. This sounds fantastic - I really need to find a supper club in Leicester!

        3. Wow this looks great. Definitely have to give one a go, thank god they're not just in London anymore!

        4. Sounds amazing and it's fab that supper clubs have now extended outside of London :-) x


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