Review: Searcys Champagne Bar, St Pancras, London

I'm often at St Pancras, its a fabulous train station and the one that takes me in and out of London from the Midlands. I always have a look over at Searcys Champagne Bar. But until now, I'd never actually been in. Every now and again, me, my mum and sister get to spend some time together and last week we had the whole day together in London before heading to the O2 to see Fleetwood Mac (yes I know.. you're all jealous!). 

We agreed to meet at Searcys for a drop of something cold and fizzy before heading elsewhere for lunch. Once there, the menu looked nice and we only wanted nibbles so we opted to stay put in our leather booth.

We went for a bottle of the house champagne 'Besserat Grande Tradition Brut', priced at £54 which I think is pretty reasonable. The selection is huge, with all the names you recognise and wish you could afford - Bollinger, Louis Roderer, Dom Perignon. And if you are feeling flash, the range goes up to  right up £9000 a bottle for the pre-order only 'Drappier Carte D'or Brut' - now I'd like to try that!

The service was impeccable - we made friends (or more, my mum did) with Daniele, our rather lovely Italian waiter. He was very friendly without being intrusive and knowlegable of the menu and different options on the menu, all of which have been selected because they pair well with Champagne. A nice touch I thought. We didn't want a full meal so we just ordered a few nibbly bits and sat back to enjoy a catch up. Specfically, we went for humous & tzaziki which came with toasted ciabatta (not the pita as per the menu, but we didn't mind), a bowl of gorgeous big juicy queen olives and the full cheese selection - 5 different cheeses with a raisin chutney, grapes, celery and home made biscuits.

The bill came to around £90 including the service charge - you may well think that's expensive for a bottle of wine and some light lunch items - and yes I guess it is but the setting, the service and the experience were worth the money. I'll definitely go back and sit in the open air platform area. The hustle and bustle of the station was a lovely backdrop to a perfect girly lunch.   

*Searcys did not ask me to write this review and we paid for our meal. They had no idea I was reviewing, despite Mummy Bites doing her best to impress our Italian waiter with stories of her daughter being a 'famous' food blogger' hehehehe!*


  1. this sounds a really classy place,glad you enjoyed it sort of place to celebrate a special occcasion i think with family.

    1. It's a lovely setting Julie - if you're ever in London you must go! Well worth it :-)


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