Host for Hope - raising money for pancreatic cancer

The start of this week was a blur. It was none stop cooking, and all because of my involvement in this months Host for Hope campaign which is being run by charity Pancreatic Cancer UK.

 I'm fortunate to have not lost any of my close friends or family to pancreatic cancer but I am fully aware of how devastating cancer as a disease can be, having lost my Grandad to it. When Pancreatic Cancer UK invited me to join in with Host for Hope and organise a food related fundraising event, I immediately said yes.

I ran a dinner party for 6 people, following a day spent at The Woodspeen cookery school down in Berkshire but you can do something much simpler, anyone can get involved. You could bake some cupcakes and sell them in your office or maybe charge your other half for a weeks worth of packed lunches. You'll find lots of fundraising info over here.  

So, on Tuesday, I headed down south to spend a full day in the kitchen with Michelin starred superhero Chef John Campbell (more of which later). Along with three other bloggers, my partner in crime Emily Etc and new friends Connie Consumes and Daisy from Pretty Green Tea. From 8am through to 5pm, I spent the day prepping a 5 course dinner party for 6 of my friends. It was gruelling but amazing and I made everything from the bread to the puff pastry to the  truffles for coffee. Wednesday night came around and it was time for dinner - cue some mad cleaning and rushing around and before I knew it, everyone was arriving. 

I followed my time plan as directed by John meticulously and aside from a slightly cold pastry tart, everything went very well. The key is to keep calm and have a clear running order written out in front of you. Prep everything you can and have all the pots and pans to hand. I was nervous before hand but actually, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and even had time to sit with my guests and chat. What a great opportunity to get 5 of my closest friends together to drink, chat, eat and raise awareness for this campaign. 

What did we eat? I'll be writing up the recipes in more detail soon but for now, here is a pictoral breakdown of our mammoth meal! 

Pumpkin veloute with bloomer bread 

Wild mushroom risotto 

Crown of chicken, tart fine, greens & red wine jus 

Selection of cheese, lavash & rye bread

Chocolate fondant, fruit of the forest, chocolate soil & vanilla creme fraiche 

Chocolate truffles 

The dinner party was a huge success and I've already raised £100 in donations from my generous friends. I've got a Just Giving page set up here - so please dig deep and donate a few quid if you can.  Every penny counts and goes straight to the good work done by Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Are you hosting a foodie event for Host for Hope month? Please share your plans in the comments box below, I'd love to know what you're planning. 


  1. What an amazing dinner party with incredibly food. Can I come round for dinner? heehee. It all looks like such a wonderful evening with delicious food. Great amount of money raised too. Well done x

  2. what a wonderful menu. Such a good cause. It is such a silent and deadly cancer and just does not get the same publicity as many other diseases so it is good to see this and to see the good work you have done to support the charity!

  3. Yaye re already raising some money and well done for trying to publicize this disease.

  4. Thankyou ladies for your warm, supportive comments. It's a great fundraising idea and hopefully they raise lots of money this month!

  5. Check you out, showing that fondant who's boss! The food looks fantastic, really great meeting you and the girls at the class!


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