New Opening: Nosh & Quaff, Birmingham

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to go for dinner pre-opening at Nosh & Quaff, the brand new offering from Aktar Islam and Jabba Khan (the super talented and very lovely masterminds behind Lasan, Fiesta Del Asado & Raja Monkey). On trendy Colmore Row in the centre of Birmingham, this place is going to be crazy busy when they open next week!

Aktar Islam and Jabba Khan

Tom Kerridge's Harissa Lamb & Lime Couscous

Last year I had a table booked at The Hand & Flowers - spent months looking forward to it, only to be unable to go by the time the date came around due to some big changes in my personal life. I'm sure I'll get there one day but for now, I console myself with Tom's cookbook 'Best Ever Dishes'.

As you know, I love a good cookbook and have a rather sizeable collection. By my standards, this one ticks all the right boxes. Gorgeous mouthwatering photography - tick. Interesting recipes which you don't see in every other book - tick. Easy to follow instructions - tick. All good, well done Tom!

Tom Kerridges Best Ever Dishes

Review: The Pug & Greyhound, Great Glen

A gorgeous summer evening - a gorgeous village pub. The Pug & Greyhound is in Great Glen, a large picturesque village to the south of Leicester. 

This is the third in the Midlands based Pug Pubs group, owned and run by a dynamic duo with a huge amount of experience in this industry. Since opening around 8 months ago, the restaurant and bar areas have already been updated from the old tired decor of the previous tenants and they have great plans to improve other areas including the large gardens. For a very higgly piggly old building they've done a great job of creating a light and modern feel. Take a closer look and you'll see lots of  nods to the mighty pug too! And if you're really lucky, there might be a real pug there! 


Veggie Squash & Bean Burgers

What's this? Gingey posting a vegetarian recipe? Yes I's really happening..

I've decided I eat too much meat. I know some of you reading this will not think such a thing is possible but to see if I feel any better and any healthier, I've decided to try and incorporate at least two vegetarian meals into my diet each week. The chances of me eating quorn on a regular basis are thin so I'm turning to things like curry, pasta dishes and these - homemade bean burgers.


Review: The Old Bulls Head, Woodhouse Eaves

The Old Bull's Head in Woodhouse Eaves is the gastro pub equivalent of marmite. It elicits a different response from everyone I ask about it. Following my meal there last month, I've asked a lot of people what they think and it's been straight down the line - excellent or pants. Take Emily, from Recipes and Reviews for example, she thoroughly enjoyed her meal there a couple of years ago yet other friends of mine actively avoid the place.
Gingey Bites review of the Old Bulls Head in Woodhouse Eaves

Product Review: Ananda's Gourmet - Murgh Makhani

This was good curry. In fact, it was great curry - and it's not only myself who thought so - good foodie friends ate this with me and we all agreed it was pretty awesome. I congratulate myself on excellent onion and chicken chopping skills, perfect yoghurt stirring skills and my ability to firmly press down the lid of a tupperware box but other than that, all the glory goes to Anandas Gourmet

Pan full of Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)
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