National Burger Day - Burgers around the East Midlands

This Thursday is National Burger Day! There is no excuse - we must all go out and stuff ourselves silly with these naughty treats. To celebrate, here's my round up of what I think are the best places to eat burger in the East Midlands....

Crafty Burger, St Martins Square, Leicester

Oh yes... behold... the mighty Krispie Klucker -  Buttermilk chicken, spiced Rice Krispie crumb, 'slaw, BBQ sauce & mayoI'm usually a beefy burger kind of girl but by god this ones good. Crafty are open Thurs / Fri / Sat nights from 6pm so book ahead to get a table. Read my review to get a full taste of whats on offer! 

The Krispie Klucker at Crafty Burger, Leicester. Gingey Bites


Review: The Star Inn The City, York

Another instalment from #VinkAndGingeUpNorth - mine and Vicky's recent road trip around North Yorkshire. This time dinner in York at The Star Inn The City. From both my shout out on twitter and conversations with Ben from York on a Fork, we decided upon this place for a couple of reasons. The food sounded good (the owner's other place just outside the city is Michelin starred) and the location is stunning. So, we booked in and here's what we thought... 

The Star Inn the City, York
Inside the restaurant, star in the city york

Healthy Packed Lunches For The Office

Recently, I've gone back to taking a packed lunch to work with me. I vowed to avoid dried up old sandwiches this time and have been on a mission to create interesting and healthy lunches every day. All I need to do now is remember to take them to work with me... Doh!

Start with a decent lunch box! I love these systems lunch cubes because they have sections for different bits. I think I got mine for about £4 from the range or dunelm mill. Cheap as chips but filled with healthier things (sadly!)..


Review: Van Zeller, Harrogate


For those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll know that recently I headed off on a road trip of the north with my best bud (#VinkAndGingeUpNorth). The 4 day trip focused (understandably) around food and drink and we were lucky to try some really delicious things along the way.

The first leg of the road trip was Harrogate, a lovely spa town and somewhere I'd not been to before. After some google research, we decided to book a table at Van Zeller before we arrived to make sure we could definitely get in.

Van Zeller Restaurant in Harrogate

Product Review: Capsicana Chilli & Lemon Peruvian Cook Sauce

Occasionally I get asked to review new products and recently, Chilli Ben, expert on all things spicy and the man behind latin inspired Capsicana, sent me a selection of his new of cooking sauces to try. The first thing which struck me was the lovely branding - these look great and I was instantly excited to try them even though I wouldn't usually buy this type of product.

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