Wine Masterclasses at The Olive Branch, Clipsham.

The Olive Branch at Clipsham is an idyllic looking pub and restaurant in the gorgeous county of  Rutland. I've been there before for dinner and loved it (but strangely enough, not blogged it). Recently, I was invited to attend a trial wine tasting masterclass with owner and wine expert of over 30 years, Pedro Torres. I joined Matt from the Great Food Club and we even managed to secure lifts each way! What a perfect Saturday afternoon! 

Discover Grenache at The Olive Branch, Clipsham
Blue skies over The Olive Branch at Clipsham


Review: Edin's Deli Kitchen, Nottingham

Don't you love impromptu date nights? Our recent visit to Edin's Deli Kitchen was just that. After a long, cold and hard day at work, as we walked through Nottingham on the way home, we decided to stop somewhere for dinner. Our first choice was Loch Fyne - seeing as we were both eating a pescatarian diet in January. Alas, it wasn't meant to be but that's ok, we ended up at Edin's Deli Kitchen which is down in Hockley opposite Broadway Cinema. I prefer to support the independents anyway and from the outside, with its big windows and warm lights shining out into the dark night, it looked just what we wanted.


UK Burger Battle & a Competition!

I've got some very exciting things coming up during my last few weeks in Leicester and here's one of them. I'll be on the judging panel for the next UK Burger Battle.  Haven't heard of it before? UK Burger Battle is about one thing - the mighty burger. 


Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Baked Feta

I feel like I've stuffed myself silly over the last few weeks with lots of meals out and endless busy days and nights. I've taken the brave decision to go freelance with my day job too so most of my evenings are now taken up with getting that side of things up and running.

Anyway, all of this makes me need a holiday. Greece would be nice. I've never been to any of the Greek Islands, despite always liking the look of them. I've travelled Europe a lot and been to lots of the typical holiday destinations around Greece but for some reason, as yet, I've not made it there. Kind of good timing then, that luxury travel company Destinology got in touch asking me to create a dish that captures Greece. And that, hopefully, is what I've done.


Travel Bites: Berlin, Germany

My love of Berlin is well documented through various blog posts extolling the virtues of several bar and restaurant gems we discovered on our last trip there. I thought I'd finish on one final post covering some of the best things I think there are to do and see if you visit this glorious city.

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