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I've never really been one for science although I always enjoyed a trip to Snibston Discovery Park when I was little - sadly no longer there but a definite staple for most of my generation growing up in Leicestershire! There is something similar but on a bigger and better scale here in Bristol - it's very well known and I'm sure you've guessed already -  I'm talking about @Bristol.


Review: Zitto & Bevi, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Zitto & Bevi literally means 'shut up and drink' – an apt name for the rustic, noisy and fun new wine bar and osteria which has opened up at the bottom of Nine Tree Hill in Bristol's trendy Stokes Croft.

Cured Meats and Cheese at Zitto and Bevi

My August Discoveries

I always have bits and pieces I want to share with you and until now I've only ever shouted about them on social media. So, starting today, here's a new monthly feature on my latest discoveries. Everything from producers to coffee shops, delis, products and cook books. Enjoy!

Grady's Cold Brew Coffee 

We loved this American product which we recently discovered in Marks & Spencer's. It's quite light in taste and very refreshing! My only concern it that the 'bean bags' don't give a huge volume - around 4 cups of coffee per bag. This means whilst it's a real treat, it's also quite expensive at £10 a tin.


Review: Turtle Bay, Cheltenham Road, Bristol

Last month we attended the opening of Bristol's second Turtle Bay, on Cheltenham Road, just a stones throw from home. I've been to a Turtle Bay launch before in Leicester, and it was all about the party. We weren't disappointed on that front, it was a full house with live music, drinks flowing and everyone having a great time. Following the launch, we headed down there for dinner with friends Greg and Arushi. After a very long day and early start for me (off on my Happy Eggs farm visit) I was more than ready for my dinner! 


Guest Bites: Japanese Fine Dining at Kei, Paris.


I'm excited to hand over to Oja Pathak today for a guest post. She's a consultant at Leicester General Hospital by day, foodie by night and this review of Michelin starred 'Kei' in Paris from a recent holiday her with friend is making me seriously hungry!  If you'd like to guest post on Gingey Bites, drop me an email! 

A summer evening stroll in Paris after a day of spectacularly touristy affairs: the Eiffel tower, crêpes, macarons and trying to get that perfect picture of picking up the pyramide du Louvre by its apex. Heading further up the Rue du Louvre takes you to Kei. This fusion restaurant in the heart of Paris is the work of Kei Kobayashi; who has melded the art of Japanese and essence of French cuisine with training from Alain Ducasse: we were hoping for something special as we were in the city for a summer treat!

From the outside, its steel grey frontage is easy to miss especially as the evening draws in but once found, inside is a wonderfully traditional dining room with dulcet grey tones and chandeliers. At our table, the sommelier offered an apt aperitif and suggestions for our drinks through the evening.


Heirloom Tomato And Cod One Pot With Chorizo And Kale

I really like Bear Fruit greengrocers in Bristol's Bear pit. It's a brilliant little place which is on my walk home from town so I quite often pop in on my way back and see what they've got. I know that in the past, the Bear Pit was always considered a place to avoid and although it's still a little rough around the edges, these days, it's full of life with Bear Fruits and Bearittos at home there, plus the weekly Bristol Eats street food market and skateboarders contantly practising their tricks.

Bear Fruits shack in Bristol


Review: The Rude Shipyard, Sheffield

Ahhh Sheffield, a city which occupies a special bit of my heart because it’s where I went to university. Three years of meeting people, exploring somewhere new and away from home and an education in world history (most of which I loved but cannot remember). Every time I go back I fall in love with the place all over again.  Last weekend was no exception although sadly it was a flying visit to see some friends.

Gingey Bites and friends

A day in the life of an Egg Farmer

I have a rule in my life that my morning alarm should only ever be allowed to go off before 7am for holidays. Last wednesday it was set for 04:50am (wince) but I broke my own rule because I wasn’t off on holiday. Unless you count a day in Tring, Hertfordshire, as a holiday. I have to admit at that unruly hour I was tempted to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep but instead I lugged myself out of bed and got ready for an early morning drive out of Bristol.


Review: The High Field Town House, Birmingham

Perhaps one of the luxuries of working for myself is that if I want to have a couple of mid-week days off I can. I don’t need to get the ok from anyone and if I’m savvy, I can make the time up elsewhere.  This is what I did a couple of weeks ago so that I could have a well needed mid-week break with my Mum. We headed into Birmingham; a city I love but don’t get to visit so often anymore due to living down south. 

the high field townhouse frontage

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