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I've never really been one for science although I always enjoyed a trip to Snibston Discovery Park when I was little - sadly no longer there but a definite staple for most of my generation growing up in Leicestershire! There is something similar but on a bigger and better scale here in Bristol - it's very well known and I'm sure you've guessed already -  I'm talking about @Bristol.

Several times a year, they do something really clever, ingenious even. Their after hours event is an adult only evening - a chance for us all to run around like kids and enjoy the place without having to a) look after children b) watch children have all the fun c) listen to children throwing tantrums. Add in a couple of bars serving beer, wine and cocktails, some street food traders outside and you've got yourself a whole heap of fun. We went to their event in July and had a great time. Here's what we got up to!


With a couple of traders to choose from at eat event, skip dinner and grab something there. We ate amazing veggie indian food from Gopal's Curry Shack before heading inside.


  • We did an experiment on our tongues to see if we were super tasters (followed by ice-cream).
  • We participated in a survey run by Bristol university which involved eating pop corn and sitting in a fake beach wearing sunglasses. 
  • We listened to a string quartet play to scenes of the Northern Lights.
  • We got to see ourselves in 3D after dancing infront of a body scanner.
  • We pretended we were in space. 
  • We saw parts of the Wallace & Gromit film set.
  • We dressed up as bees and did the honey dance. 
And all this in a few short hours and actually really educational. @Bristol is about real science, broken down into easy to understand chunks and their various interactive areas cover food, space, the human body, movement and gravity and more. 

The next event is on 6th October. It's ticketed and usually sells out so if you fancy a go, get in quick. Buy your tickets here

*At Bristol gave me a pair of complimentary tickets for their last After Hours event but did not expect a blog post in return. All opinions are my own - turns out science is fun!!* 


  1. This sounds so much fun - I'm also gutted Snibston is closed, I loved that place!

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    1. It was super fun. Yes snibston was a firm part of my childhood summer holidays!


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