My August Discoveries

I always have bits and pieces I want to share with you and until now I've only ever shouted about them on social media. So, starting today, here's a new monthly feature on my latest discoveries. Everything from producers to coffee shops, delis, products and cook books. Enjoy!

Grady's Cold Brew Coffee 

We loved this American product which we recently discovered in Marks & Spencer's. It's quite light in taste and very refreshing! My only concern it that the 'bean bags' don't give a huge volume - around 4 cups of coffee per bag. This means whilst it's a real treat, it's also quite expensive at £10 a tin.

The Espresso Room, Covent Garden, London 

Whilst on a trip to London last weekend, we found some amazing coffee in Covent Garden, on New Row. If you're in that area, check out The Espresso Room and be sure to try their flat white made using . So good. 

Perfect Flat White Coffee at The Espresso Room on New Row, Covent Garden

Easy. Tasty. Healthy. 

The latest cookbook addition to my collection. Written by Barbara Cousins, a qualified nutritional therapist, this book (as the title suggests) is all about healthy eating without the hassle. It has some gorgeous recipes in it, many of which are gluten, dairy and soya free.  There are some great salad recipes in there, perfect or catching the end of summer. My favourite has to be the pear, walnut and beetroot. There are also some excellent pates, breakfasts and one pot recipes to try. Buy your copy on Amazon, currently under £15!

Easy Tasty Healthy Cook book review by Gingey Bites

Birds Eye Steam Fresh Rice Blends

When I was at my mums recently, she made me a gumbo for dinner. It was gorgeous, full of prawns, chorizo and chicken and with peas, sweetcorn and golden rice. I couldn't believe it when she told me she'd made it with bags of pre-made rice and vegetables. I'm a bit of a food snob so I wanted to hate it but you know what? It was really good. And more importantly, on a weeknight - really quick. I'll post the recipe soon but for now, here's a sneak peak:

Gingey Bites gumbo using steam fresh rice

Yorkshire Provender Fresh Soups 

Yorkshire provender are a family run business who make gorgeous and interesting flavoured soups using British, seasonal ingredients. Find them in the chiller section at supermarkets in plastic tubs which serve 2 people. They very kindly sent me a whole load to try recently. Too many for just Dave and myself to eat so we shared them with some friends at our 'soup party' last weekend. I made croutons and garlic baguettes for dipping, heated a selection of soups up and we sat there tasting them all and discussing which we preferred and why. The universal favourites were the asparagus vichyssoise and the thai chicken noodle soup although the indian spiced vegetable came a close third. I also loved the beetroot and horseradish but not everyone was as keen. I think beetroot is an acquired taste but you can't argue that the purple colour is oh-so-pretty! 

Yorkshire Provender soups, home made croutons and bowls ready to eat
Yorkshire Provender range gingeybites

Polish Zapiekanki in Stokes Croft, Bristol

Zapikeanki is a polish open sandwich - usually on a baguette - which starts with a base of sautéed mushrooms and cheese which are then topped with things like salami or sausage, vegetables and sauce. If you want to try Zapiekanki in Bristol, you need to head to Stokes Croft and the very unassuming hatch on the corner of Nine Tree Hill. For under a fiver you can pick up a baguette as long as your arm, cooked fresh in front of you and really tasty. My advice - if the sun is shining, take the five minute hike up the hill to Freemantle Square and dine alfresco under a tree on the green. 

Is there a product, a producer or a hidden gem that I should know about? Let me known the comments below or tweet me @gingeybites! 

*Yorkshire Provender sent me some complimentary soups to sample but did not pay me for my review. Everything else on this blog post was paid for and the brands were not expecting a review from me. All opinions are my own as always!*


  1. Those rice packs are great shortcuts... I've not used the frozen ones but am always using the microwave pouches. Like you say, for weeknight suppers they're perfect. Those flat whites look gorgeous... i'm such a coffee fiend. Great Post!

  2. What a super scope of products and finds this month, Alex. Barbara Cousins is excellent and its great to see a new book from her. And I will have to look out the Espresso Room when next in London. I usually go to Monmouth but I will trust your judgement and give ER coffee a shot (geddit??)

  3. Fantastic finds! The Easy Tasty Healthy cook book sounds exactly like the kind of book I would pick up! Might treat myself to a copy since I haven't bought a cookbook in ages! Those Yorkshire Provender soups sound lush! Especially the Indian spiced vegetable one, yum :D


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