Review: The Rude Shipyard, Sheffield

Ahhh Sheffield, a city which occupies a special bit of my heart because it’s where I went to university. Three years of meeting people, exploring somewhere new and away from home and an education in world history (most of which I loved but cannot remember). Every time I go back I fall in love with the place all over again.  Last weekend was no exception although sadly it was a flying visit to see some friends.

Gingey Bites and friends

Our night started with a fine summers feast at my friends house, followed by lots of gin and cocktails as well as plenty of dancing. We don't meet up often but when we do, its all the fun. Cocktails in Forum on Division Street took me right back to 2006 and I'm pleased to see that the place is still going. Dancing and more drinking in The Washington followed by a kebab (yes I know...) finished the evening off in well, not style exactly. But let's say in spectacular fashion.

Come Sunday morning we were all feeling a little delicate. The answer to a hangover for me (surprise surprise) is usually food. Fortunately we all had the same idea and headed out in search of tea and bacon.

The Rude Shipyard in Sheffield

We went to the very cute cafe/bookshop 'The Rude Shipyard' on Abbeydale Road. An area of Sheffield that I’ve never really been. Full of character and big airy windows, it was just what the doctor ordered. Between us we ordered the full english and an omelette.
Think greasy spoon for hipsters. Less greasy, more spoon.

Service was friendly and casual, and I liked that none of the crockery matched because it didn’t feel like it was contrived to be that way, it was just… that way you know? It wasn’t the best fry up I’ve ever eaten but it was good. The grilled tomatoes and bacon were tasty and the potato cake was awesome (gimme more of those). The toasted soda bread was a bit too heavy and the egg yolk was set which always makes me sad. On the other hand, the shipyard omelette, stuffed with goats cheese and bacon, looked gorgeous and I was told it was pretty damn tasty.

Fried breakfast with potato cake and rye bread
Omelette and beans in sheffield

The portions were generous and the prices cheap so overall, I forgive the hard egg and the heavy bread because as a setting, this place ticked all my boxes. It was nice to while away a few hours surrounded by books.

Philosophy books on a shelf
Fireplace with framed flower prints on it.

We discussed everything from friendships gone wrong to whether we’d survive in a horror film or on Bear Grylls' The Island. It was therapeutic and we left feeling much less delicate than when we arrived. As I sat on the train back to Bristol, I couldn’t help but have a warm buzz inside about having been back in the steel city, for however briefly. Next time I’ll stay longer.


  1. Gotta love a greasy fry up on a Sunday morning! I haven't had one for ages though, must rectify that :-)

  2. It's always fun to re-visit a place where you have good memories!

    1. It so is! Although I clearly can't drink like I used to! :-P


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