Festive Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your life!

So, it's that time of year again! It comes round fast doesn't it? Behold… my annual Gingey christmas gift guide.

I love writing this blog post because it's a chance for me to peruse all the things I'm secretly hoping will be bought for me! I've split it into sections; things to eat & drink, experiences, gadgets & stocking fillers. So, without further ado…

Things you can eat & drink:

A luxury hamper through the letter box 

I stumbled across these guys online whilst looking for something else and wow, I love what they do! Based in Devon, this little company specialises in luxury, beautifully wrapped 'letterbox hampers'. That's right – they fit through the letter box!  You can choose your packaging and add personalised touches. The coffee lovers letter box hamper (priced at £25.95) would be perfect for several of my family members. Love it! 

Image from Letter Box Hampers website.

A bottle of gin from Psychopomp Micro Distillery, Bristol 

The best gin I've tried this year (and there's been a lot) was from almost right on my doorstep: Physcopomp micro distillery in Bristol. They distill their gin in handmade copper pots right there in their little bar / shop.  If you find yourself near by, make the effort to walk up St Michaels Hill and treat yourself to a negroni. It'll be the best you've ever had. Luckily for non-Bristol folk, you can also buy their gin online here for between £35-40 a bottle.


A cookery class at the School of Wok, London 

I was lucky to spend a day at the School of Wok in London earlier this year and I think a masterclass here would be a great present for the foodie in your life, especially if they love Asian food. You can read about my experience on the all day Thai masterclass here.

Buy a gift voucher (starting at £95 for a three hour lesson) and your recipient can choose which course they take – from dim sum to wok skills, Korean bibimbap and even a course in preparing a Chinese banquet!

Stocking Fillers: 

Ortiz Anchovies 

Yes really! We love anchovies in our house and eat them a lot in pasta puttanesca. These Ortiz Anchovies are the best tinned ones we've tried. They are delicious and full of flavour, plus the packaging is super retro. Honestly, if I had a tin of these in my stocking, I'd be really happy! Buy them from Amazon if you can't find in good independent delis.

Kitchen Aid Earrings

Love these!! We ALL want a Kitchen Aid but that's a big ask. So how about these super cute earrings instead at just £6.95 plus postage? I found them on Etsy here and they are hand made by All Kinds of Charming based in Essex.

Sriracha Keyring 

For the spice lover in your life! I got one of these once from Yo Sushi but it was a while ago now. It actually changed my life. Under £6 with postage too from Amazon. Boom!


Table Top BBQ & Hot Pot

Have you ever tried Shabu Shabu? It's a Japanese bubbling hot pot which you dip meat and vegetables into before eating. Usually served in a pot which has heat underneath it to keep the liquid hot. Last week we tried a hybrid of bbq and shabu shabu at a restaurant in Melbourne. Our food was served on a table top BBQ with a deep rim around it for the liquid. It was awesome!!

I've found something similar here on Amazon for £129.00 and if I could fit it in my suitcase, I'd get one now! It's very firmly on my wish list and for novelty factor, should be on yours too!

Image taken from Amazon

A Laguiole Steak Knife Set 

My mum has a set of these. They are really elegant and recognisable with the small fly logo on the top of the handle (yeah weird but hey!). I just think they are gorgeous, with their olive wood handles. The presentation box is also useful in two ways: 1. easy to wrap 2. it'll protect the steak knives from getting bashed around in the cutlery draw. This set is around £40.00 and available online here.

Image taken from Amazon

So that wraps it up for another year (groan… bad Christmas pun).

For more inspiration, take a look at my previous foodie gift guides and all things festive. Have a suggestion for me? I'd love to hear it, do share below! 

*I am part of the Amazon affiliate programme. This means that I earn a small commission on any products you purchase through this blog post. I chose each item myself and have not been paid or asked by any brands to promote their products.*

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  1. I am new to this site.This sounds so good! We are having Christmas in Aus too, we are going out on xmas day .a great round-up of food and drink! I've never heard of Frenantle either - looks like a good foodie destination though.


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