Review: The Black Sheep, Gloucester Road, Bristol

If you follow my twitter, you'll probably have noticed that I've been talking a lot about my upcoming house move. Last week saw us up-sticks from the Midlands down to Dave's home city of Bristol. I've long loved Bristol and am happy to now be living in such a foodie place with so much going on though of course I'll always be a Midlands girl at heart! 

On a trip down a few months back, we met up with friends (including the fabulous folk behind Recipe for Gluttony) for a coffee and bite to eat at The Black Sheep cafe on Gloucester Road, not far from the arches. Relatively new on the scene, this place is fully vegetarian, almost fully vegan. The space itself is quite interesting with a large mural on the back wall reminiscent of a Greek temple, and shelves along the front walls full of random bits and bobs. 

A calm cup of tea at the Black sheep cafe in bristol

Review: Our Korean Kitchen & almost instant cucumber kimchi (오이김치)

As you'll know if you read the blog often, I've developed a love of Korean food over the last year, thanks to my other half. In that time, we've cooked lots of dishes at home including our own kimchi and mandu. It's not surprising then, that last Christmas, I bought Dave the new Our Korean Kitchen cookbook, written by husband and wife team Jordan Bourke and Rejina Pyo. Incidentally, he also bought me a Korean cookbook - fortunately not the same one!

Our Korean Kitchen Cookbook

Review: Fast, Healthy Food with Pod, London.

I used to go down to London a lot with work. My sister and various friends live there too so I've got to know the place pretty well over the years. Since changing jobs a couple of years ago though, I've visited less frequently so a recent day trip felt well overdue.

Tower Bridge Gingey Bites
We found Tower Bridge!


Interview: Small plate, speed date

I recently interviewed Becky & Sally, the two sisters behind Recipe for Gluttony for Leftlion magazine. Over the past few years, as well as blogging, they’ve been flexing their culinary wizardry with a series of supperclubs in Nottingham, Sheffield and Bristol. Now, for the first time, they are trying something new and launching an event which pairs food and dating.

Illustration: Jamie Wignall 


Prawn & Kimchi Mandu - 새우김치만두

As you'll know if you read the blog often, I'm really getting into my Korean food at the moment. This is mainly down to my other half Dave because he lived and taught there for a while and has helped me discover this amazing cuisine.

Kimchi is an essential part of Korean culture and no meal is complete with out. I love it, the spicy fizz of the fermented cabbage and chilli sounds a bit odd but when you try it, you'll know what I mean. In fact, I love it so much, I had a go at making my own (see the recipe here). Sadly we'd eaten it all so we used shop bought Kimchi for these tasty mandu.

Kimchi Mandu

Guest Bites: A Review of Gousto's Food Delivery Boxes

For a while I've been thinking about inviting guest bloggers to write for Gingey Bites. I like to hear about peoples foodie experiences and fresh opinion is always good thing. 

I mentioned the idea to my mum and she mentioned it at work and now, here we are! Guest blog numero uno. So, without further ado, I'd like to hand over the apron to Janet Browning. She works full time as a nurse and lives in Leicester. She's been using Gousto food delivery boxes for the last few months - here are her thoughts.

Gousto food delivery box review
Image from 
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