Foodies do Camp Bestival

So this year, I'll be attending Camp Bestival as an official blogger. It's the first time I've done anything like this with the blog and I'm really excited. Excited because I'll be there mainly as an official food blogger (YESSSS!). I was drawn in by the huge array of food options there this year and the fact that the organisers have put a huge focus on amazing pop up festival food.


A Tipple or Two at The Gin Festival

A few weekends back, we headed over to Paintworks in Bristol for the Gin Festival - I'm sure if you're a regular reader you'll be well aware that my love for gin runs deep so this was well and truly up my street. I went to the Gin Festival last year in Leicester and loved it so I was really excited to see what was new, different or the same this year in a new city. The good news is that all the great things were still there. 

Gin Festival Bristol 2016 signage

Spicy Mushroom Enchiladas

When I think of summery food my mind doesn’t always jump to what you’d expect (salad). Don’t get me wrong, I do love salad on occasions but for me, summery food is holiday food. Things that are exciting, colourful and in my world, spicy!

I love Mexican food and since visiting on holiday at the end of 2014, there have been several Mexican recipes pop up on Gingey Bites. Here is another which features mushrooms as the main ingredient and actually features a piri piri hot sauce I bought when I was there. It's the last of a small collection I came home with!

Spicy Mushroom Enchiladas and a cold beer!


A Latvian Inspired Dinner Party

I'm really settling in to Bristol now and finally feel like it's becoming home. A few weeks back I met up with my Bristol based foodie blogging pals Arushi & Bex for dinner, a great opportunity to have a bit of a girls night!

We thought it might be fun to stay in and each bring a course rather than going out for dinner and to make it a bit of a challenge, we decided to pick a cuisine that none of us knew anything about. We all threw a couple of suggestions in and Arushi won the day with Latvian! 

Latvian Sklandrausis and Piragi straight out the oven

Great indie deals with Wriggle!

I'm a huge fan of discovering new places and probably eat out around 3-4 times a week. Since moving to Bristol I've had to cut back on my spending (sad face) a little because of my decision to move from full time employment to working for myself!

Not to be deterred, and always on the hunt for a bargain, I was already aware of the Wriggle app when the guys behind it contacted me to see if we could work together. It must've been fate! Or a mutal love of a good deal and tasty meal.


Oxfam: Empowering female chilli growers in Bangladesh

Not a usual blog post today but one I'm really pleased to share with you none the less.

I love spicy food and often use chillies (both fresh and dried) when I'm cooking. I like to think I'm quite good at buying fair-trade, organic and local produce when I can but really, beyond that, how  much do I actually know about the people who grow and supply my food? Oxfam work with food producers in impoverished areas around the world to help improve their lives from a roots level. This project with women chilli farmers in Bangladesh really caught my eye.


Review: Three Brothers Burgers, Bristol

Like most of you out there, I occasionally get a massive burger craving. It comes on so strong that nothing else will do. At home in Leicester, I was spoilt for good independent burger joints with Meatcure and Crafty topping the list for me. Now that I'm in Bristol, it's mission time - I am on the hunt for somewhere to meet my burger demands! 

Blues Brothers Burger in Bristol

Pajeon - Korean Savoury Pancakes (전)

I can take no credit for this creation, despite how pretty it looks, because Dave was the chef. This is a very classic recipe for a Korean savoury pancake which is adapted from a recipe in my current favourite cook book Our Korean Kitchen. Jeon - or pancake - is a popular dish in Korea and I've tried it two ways - as haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) and as kimchi jeon (kimchi pancake). 

Seafood Jeon
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