My October Discoveries

This is a strange one as it spans two continents - for the first half of October I was at home in Bristol and the Midlands. For the second half I was in Western Australia, where I still am now although we fly to Melbourne tomorrow to start the next leg of our adventures which is exciting. In a nutshell, the last three weeks have included eating FAR too much, a friends wedding in a cave, a trip to the wine region of Margaret River, koalas, kangaroos, sunburn and bike rides!

Western Australia, Gingeybites
This really doesn't do it justice but here's a snapshot!

So, here goes for an international themed October Discoveries! As usual, completely random and in no particular order, here are the new things I've discovered and loved over the last month.


Review: School of Wok, London

I love Asian food and as I'm sure you all know by now, I also love cookery courses so when I got invited to the School of Wok I jumped at the chance. With Dave in tow, I headed down to London a few months back for a full day Thai masterclass.


Hey Bristol! Great Food Club has arrived.

For the last couple of months you've probably seen me talking a lot about Great Food Club on social media. That's because I recently became their Bristol & Bath editor and am really excited about bringing it to this part of the world. 


Review: El Borracho Del Oro, Birmingham

It’s always hard choosing somewhere to eat when you’re away but it’s a task I take real pleasure in. I peruse blogs, trip advisor and ask twitter and usually, its twitter which gives me the answer, or at least a final shortlist. I discovered El Borracho Del Oro in Edgbaston this way when I was looking for somewhere to eat on a recent trip to Birmingham.

El Borracho Del Oro bar in Edgbaston, Birmingham,

Roasted Vegetable & Herby Garden Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

There's something so good about homemade tomato sauce. It's so versatile but I think the best way to eat it is with pasta. However, it can be expensive and time consuming though so it's no wonder that most of us end up using tinned tomatoes. 

We're housesitting at the moment and in the garden here there are three big tomato plants which are still fruiting! Last week I gathered up this motley collection some of which was on the turn and decided to put the effort in and make some tomato sauce. Such a great way of utilising a glut of toms!

What to do with a glut of homegrown tomatoes
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