The Spotted Duck, Mountsorrel

When John's House opened in late 2014, my mum's village of Mountsorrel was all of a flutter. A fine dining restaurant up in the Stonehurst farmhouse? How exciting! When it was awarded a Michelin star the following year, things began to change. A Waitrose opened and now, they also have The Spotted DuckThis village is one to watch! 


Birds of a Feather, Newport, Melbourne

I can't believe it's almost a month since we left Melbourne, Australia. In fact, seeing as we spent the last 10 days out of the city in the lovely seaside town of Rye, it's really been over a month since we left. I have a huge list of places still to write about from our time there, not to mention our adventures in Bali, Malaysia and Singapore!  

I'm writing this from a grey and slightly damp Loughborough as I'm staying at my Dad's right now before heading back to Bristol next week. Just looking at the blue skies and thinking back to the sitting in the sunshine to eat this brunch at Birds of a Feather in Newport is filling me with happy memories. Oh to be back in Melbourne! 


Fenways, Loughborough

Tonight I ate at the newest place in Loughborough - Fenways.

I'd been aware that Fenways was coming for longer than most. As the previous marketing manager for the Orange tree group it's been in the planning for a while and although I no longer work for the company, I'm pleased to see that it's up and running. And, thanks to co-owner Pugsy's eye for detail and the hard work of the entire team, it looks bloody awesome inside and out.


Weekend Brunch Club Round Up - March 2017

I'm back in the UK and despite the daffodils and spring sunshine, for me, it feels bloody freezing!! I'm sure I'll acclimatise soon enough but after the humidity and heat of Malaysia and Singapore, it all feels a bit fresh. I'll be writing about our adventures soon!

Now, if you've not heard about Weekend Brunch Club before, it's a blogger linky I set up at the start of the year for food bloggers to share their favourite brunch inspired recipes. For readers, it's a source of inspiration for that luxurious weekend meal.

Weekend Brunch Club blogger round up
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