Artotel, Sanur, Bali.

We hardly ever stay in hotels when we travel, choosing Airbnb or family run guest houses instead, both to keep the budget down and experience the place in a more meaningful and 'real' way. That said, on our recent trip to Bali we chose to end the holiday with a couple of nights at Artotel. A touch of luxury to end what was essentially a budget break.


Four places to eat the best street food in Melbourne

You all know just how much I love my street food so it'll come as no surprise that when we first arrived in Melbourne I was keen to seek some of the glorious stuff out. Turns out there's plenty of it here and in the last few months I've been scoffing my way around various markets, events and festivals.

We've eaten some truly delicious and innovative street food here. That said, it's not immune to the same old 'greasy fairground' traders you get in the UK at big events like the Bristol Balloon Fiesta or Nottingham's Goose Fair. At the recent St Kilda Festival for example, a lot of the food traders were a bit middle of the road. Fortunately, I've done some serious research to save you all from eating anything even remotely average. Stick to this list of the four best places to get your fill and you'll be right!

Liquorice ice-cream from Game of Cones, Melbourne
Liquorice-delish from Game of Cones

Weekend Brunch Club: Coconut French Toast with Honey, Apricots & Raspberries

For this month's recipe as part of my new Weekend Brunch Club series, I decided to do something sweet. When I think of brunch it's nearly always savoury - eggs, avocado, sourdough etc... but actually (here in Melbourne at least) brunch menus often include sweet things. Pancakes, fritters, french toast and the like. 


Thoughts on Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

Darwin isn't a place I ever thought I'd be travelling to.

The reason for our visit was to see our friends who live there, funnily enough the ones whose wedding in Perth first brought us out to Australia. Originally from Bristol and London but with a keen sense for travel, they settled here a few years ago and, in search of something challenging and truly Aussie, they now called Darwin their home.

When we told people in Melbourne that we were off to the Northern Territory for a December visit, they all laughed at us. It's the worst time of year to go  very hot, very sticky and slap bang in the middle of wet season. Anyway, we went. And they were right. It was disgustingly hot and sticky.

Lee Point Beach, Darwin

Weekend Brunch Club Round Up - January 2017

It feels like January has flown by! The start of February means it's time for the inaugural round up for my brand new linky challenge 'Weekend Brunch Club' which I launched at the start of this year.  Thank you to all the bloggers who took part, I'm really pleased to have a nice selection of brunch recipes to share with you today. Hopefully whether you have a sweet or savoury tooth, you'll find something tasty to try at home!

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